4.3.4 Whole-city economy

Whole-city Derby – from evidence to vision

Analysis shows that in the recent past Derby as a whole has enjoyed a relatively positive and stable socio-economic position, for example shown in higher than national average wages and relatively low unemployment. Part of the task for the next five years is to sustain and build upon this whole-city economic health.

However, the city also has structural socio-economic challenges which continue to threaten this position. The labour force in the city is relatively polarised between higher-value jobs at one end and unskilled and elementary occupations at the other. The City does not retain its own economic value as much as it should; and there is a persistent educational and skills deficit which acts as a drag on Derby’s economic growth potential.

Derby by night

Evidence also shows that the whole of the city is not yet fulfilling its economic potential – with access to opportunity and contributions to economic prosperity still very challenging in certain harder-to-reach communities.

Whole-city Derby – Vision 2022

Gillian Sewell from YMCA

  • Making opportunity for all people and businesses to share in economic growth
  • Strengthen economic and physical links across the city
  • Engaging young people through education and aspiration

In 2022, Derby’s economy is thriving with all businesses and residents contributing and sharing in this economic growth.

Young people are vital to the whole-city approach. All people brought up in Derby should have the opportunity to gain the skills and develop the aptitude required to take part in the city’s economic life.

The inherent potential within all our communities will be unlocked and realised.

The whole-city economy considers the needs of all parts of its business community – providing support and opportunity to those at the most challenging stages of business development, including through links and networks with its best performing companies.

The city vibrant centre will be the tangible embodiment of a whole-city economy; providing a window to the City’s high-tech companies, a welcoming environment for all, and transport networks which allow people to get to work efficiently and access to the city’s retail and leisure assets.