Scope: Regional

Regional Economic Coalition

Regional Economic Coalition City leader engagement in development of regional economic vision and national and international  lobbying and marketing

Regional & National City Champions

Regional & National City Champions network of leading city professionals, businesspeople & academics specifically coordinated to advocate and promote the City’s economic vision through their networks & fields of work

Metro Workforce Plan

Metro Workforce Plan promotion of direct contribution of the Future Proofing programme to the metro economy and engagement with Metro Talent initiative

Employment Sites

Employment Sites development-ready, large-scale sites located near existing economic centres and strategic transport connections

Productive & Innovative People

Productive & Innovative People with the right skills – both those native to the City and those attracted by: the university; Future Business Leaders programme;   the Regional City Centre; & urban living offer  etc

Metro University Partnership

Metro University Partnership  business-friendly, collaborative research and business engagement supporting the productive and innovative economies

Place Marketing

Place Marketing evolution and maintenance of a City brand to concisely outline the City’s economic vison and management of place marketing activities at a  regional, national and international level

Regional University Network

Regional University Network active engagement of range of HE institutions undertaking applied research to support productive & innovative economies

Regional Graduate Plan

Regional Graduate Plan through joint research on graduate destinations from region’s universities & the living/working locations of retained and incoming graduates – working towards a Regional Graduate Plan

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure superfast broadband – direct fibre optic connections – public WiFi – digital conferencing – smart city connections – real time data sharing

Business Accommodation

Business Accommodation ladder of accommodation to meet the needs of growing businesses in different sectors and at different life stages – arranged where possible to support knowledge transfer, supply chain relationships and agglomeration of specialist activities

City R&D facilities

City R&D facilities network of  R&D & commercialisation facilities for innovative products & services

Regional City Centre

Regional City Centre   containing national brands  & recognised on a regional scale  as a place of choice for retail, leisure and living – particularly focused in urban entrepreneurs and the productive and innovative workers of the future.  Somewhere also  recognised a s a competitive and complementary parts of a regional network of central business districts