Scope: Local

Vibrant City Centre Partnership

Vibrant City Centre Partnership to promote and coordinate a shared vision of the Vibrant City Centre and Urban Living (including City Council, businesses developers, investors and operators)

Business Coallition

Business Coallition collectively organising and paying for ongoing enhancements to the physical business environment

Resilient Infrastructure

Resilient Infrastructure delivery of key environmental & infrastructure projects to ensure long-term resilience and sustainability and protection of business interests (flood protection, highways maintenance, power capacity)

City-wide Transport System

City-wide Transport System affordable and efficient network of city transport connecting communities and areas of economic activity

Work Ready City

Work Ready City delivery through the schools system of range of interventions to develop young people with the aptitude, skills and awareness to enter work-related training and the employment market

Aspiring Careers

Aspiring Careers advocacy of City economic vision through engagement with schools & harder to reach communities – clear & concise career path messages about the shape of the future City workforce & opportunities & support available

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development comprehensive programme supporting community Entrepreneurship,  Social Enterprise and Start-ups

Learning Access Points

Learning Access Points network of physical points of access across the City for people to engage with the UTC, Derby College, UoD & Regional University Network

High Performing Schools

High Performing Schools providing all young people with the aptitude, skills and qualifications to enter work-related training or the employment market

Local City Champions

Local City Champions network of successful local professionals & businesspeople coordinated to engage & inspire through Aspiring City and Future Business Leaders Programme


University attracting and retaining young people to support the productive and innovative economies


College high-performing City College providing young people with a range of training & qualifications to meet workforce needs

Places for Growth

Places for Growth coordination and promotion of the City’s investment opportunities, making best use of public assets and public sector risk-sharing approach to delivering new development

Future-proofing the Workforce

Future-proofing the Workforce via coordination and consolidation of skills provision with support for initiatives which contribute to meeting future workforce needs (industrial digital, engineering, KIBS

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity bespoke support to diversify and strengthen the City’s business base in other productive and competitive sectors

Digital City

Digital City review and identify actions for digital infrastructure, skills and connectivity to support future business

Employment Sites

Employment Sites development-ready, large-scale sites located near existing economic centres and strategic transport connections

Metro Living

Metro Living full range of housing across the City and Metro areas to suit different needs and lifestyle choices – particularly those of the productive and innovative workers of the future

Metro University Partnership

Metro University Partnership  business-friendly, collaborative research and business engagement supporting the productive and innovative economies

Future Business Leaders

Future Business Leaders identification and direct training, support and mentoring of business leaders and entrepreneurs under 40

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem through research and production of a  5-year plan (poss conducted at Metro-scale)

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure superfast broadband – direct fibre optic connections – public WiFi – digital conferencing – smart city connections – real time data sharing

Business Accommodation

Business Accommodation ladder of accommodation to meet the needs of growing businesses in different sectors and at different life stages – arranged where possible to support knowledge transfer, supply chain relationships and agglomeration of specialist activities

City R&D facilities

City R&D facilities network of  R&D & commercialisation facilities for innovative products & services

Regional City Centre

Regional City Centre   containing national brands  & recognised on a regional scale  as a place of choice for retail, leisure and living – particularly focused in urban entrepreneurs and the productive and innovative workers of the future.  Somewhere also  recognised a s a competitive and complementary parts of a regional network of central business districts

Training Centre Capital Assets

Training Centre Capital Assets range of modern for purpose training facilities equipped with appropriate tools to learn and develop for the future innovative economy

Visitor and Cultural Assets

Visitor and Cultural Assets network of high-quality visitor and cultural assets to support the urban and City Centre living offer + 1 nationally recognised unique facility