Scope: International

International City Champions

International City Champions select group of high influence individuals including civic leaders and representatives of City’s global businesses coordinated to promote the City as an investment locations through their networks and activities under the Global Trade programme

Global Trade support

Global Trade support to businesses to increase exports and secure new trade relationships

City Promotion

City Promotion of  the City as an investment location to national and international networks and markets

Tier 1 Investment

Tier 1 Investment action to secure investment by tier 1 supplier(s) in the City

Global businesses

Global businesses continued presence of internationally recognised companies and brands in the City; driving productivity, supporting innovation and raising national and international profile

Place Marketing

Place Marketing evolution and maintenance of a City brand to concisely outline the City’s economic vison and management of place marketing activities at a  regional, national and international level

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure superfast broadband – direct fibre optic connections – public WiFi – digital conferencing – smart city connections – real time data sharing