Actions Framework: Programmes

Resilient Infrastructure

Resilient Infrastructure delivery of key environmental & infrastructure projects to ensure long-term resilience and sustainability and protection of business interests (flood protection, highways maintenance, power capacity)

City-wide Transport System

City-wide Transport System affordable and efficient network of city transport connecting communities and areas of economic activity

Work Ready City

Work Ready City delivery through the schools system of range of interventions to develop young people with the aptitude, skills and awareness to enter work-related training and the employment market

Aspiring Careers

Aspiring Careers advocacy of City economic vision through engagement with schools & harder to reach communities – clear & concise career path messages about the shape of the future City workforce & opportunities & support available

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development comprehensive programme supporting community Entrepreneurship,  Social Enterprise and Start-ups

Local City Champions

Local City Champions network of successful local professionals & businesspeople coordinated to engage & inspire through Aspiring City and Future Business Leaders Programme

Regional & National City Champions

Regional & National City Champions network of leading city professionals, businesspeople & academics specifically coordinated to advocate and promote the City’s economic vision through their networks & fields of work

International City Champions

International City Champions select group of high influence individuals including civic leaders and representatives of City’s global businesses coordinated to promote the City as an investment locations through their networks and activities under the Global Trade programme

Global Trade support

Global Trade support to businesses to increase exports and secure new trade relationships

Places for Growth

Places for Growth coordination and promotion of the City’s investment opportunities, making best use of public assets and public sector risk-sharing approach to delivering new development

Tier 1 Investment

Tier 1 Investment action to secure investment by tier 1 supplier(s) in the City

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity bespoke support to diversify and strengthen the City’s business base in other productive and competitive sectors

Digital City

Digital City review and identify actions for digital infrastructure, skills and connectivity to support future business

Local Industrial Strategy

Local Industrial Strategy  Government supported vision for contributing to raising national productivity

Metro Workforce Plan

Metro Workforce Plan promotion of direct contribution of the Future Proofing programme to the metro economy and engagement with Metro Talent initiative

Place Marketing

Place Marketing evolution and maintenance of a City brand to concisely outline the City’s economic vison and management of place marketing activities at a  regional, national and international level

Future Business Leaders

Future Business Leaders identification and direct training, support and mentoring of business leaders and entrepreneurs under 40

Regional Graduate Plan

Regional Graduate Plan through joint research on graduate destinations from region’s universities & the living/working locations of retained and incoming graduates – working towards a Regional Graduate Plan

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem through research and production of a  5-year plan (poss conducted at Metro-scale)

City R&D facilities

City R&D facilities network of  R&D & commercialisation facilities for innovative products & services